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Yes. We look a bit different. Welcome to our new brand: TSA Riley.

Our new brand unites 1,000 project consultants around the world. Together, we're helping clients and communities realise the transformative power of their built assets.

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InsightAt TSA yellow is the new black!

At TSA yellow is the new black!

We have a new brand, one that really helps tell the story of who we are.

Our story over the past year is one of growth. We’ve joined forces with Xigo in New Zealand and Xact in Canberra and established ourselves as the people for projects across Australasia. Over this time, also considered how we represent ourselves to our clients, industry and internally. As we bring together three businesses under one banner it’s the perfect time for us to do so under a fresh new brand. 

This is not about changing who we are or what we do. Our new brand is about better aligning how we represent ourselves with who we already are – a group of people who manage, consult and partner with industry professionals.

While looks are often skin deep, our new brand is more than a change in colour, logo and look. It’s bold, but more importantly, it focuses on our people who are our biggest asset. Your experience in working with us, and how we deliver is what’s important.

We now have more than 320 people united under one name across eight offices all focused on delivering projects for our clients and making a difference. We want to stand out as we do this.

So, say hello to yellow, and keep an eye out for us under the banner of TSA Management, Best for Project.