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Yes. We look a bit different. Welcome to our new brand: TSA Riley.

Our new brand unites 1,000 project consultants around the world. Together, we're helping clients and communities realise the transformative power of their built assets.

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Our Impact


At TSA Riley, “impact” is a term that resonates deeply within every layer of our organisation and extends outward to the communities we serve. It’s about more than just the structures we build; it’s about creating environments that nurture and empower. We measure our success not just by completing a project but by the lasting contributions to the well-being of communities—whether building more school places that transform educational experiences or designing better workplaces that enhance well-being and productivity. Each project is an opportunity to leave a meaningful mark on the fabric of communities, helping shape environments that uplift and inspire.

Our commitment to impact drives us to deliver solutions that are not only economically viable but also socially responsible. We envision every project as a stepping stone towards a more connected and sustainable future. In doing so, TSA Riley strives to leave a more significant impact on the places where we all work and live, fostering a sense of belonging and achievement. This vision compels us to push boundaries, innovate sustainably, and build legacies beyond the physical structures to resonate emotionally and functionally with the communities that cherish and depend on them.