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ProjectFerry Wharf Upgrade Programme

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Ferry Wharf Upgrade Programme

TSA Riley is collaborating with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver the Ferry Wharf Upgrade Programme. The programme involves the development and delivery of 27 wharves across Sydney Harbour. It is part of the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program, providing equitable access to the public transport network. The design of each ferry wharf and ferry wharf interchange considers the diverse range of vessels in the public ferry network, climate change and accessibility.

The first package upgraded and built 12 wharves designed to create a distinctive theme for Sydney Harbour. Each wharf included improved car parks, waiting areas with increased size and provision of seating, with a roof structure and glass panels to protect passengers from the sun and rain. Package 2 consisted of the construction of 9 wharves. These were designed in compliance with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport, ensuring that interchanges between transport modes at each interchange are accessible.

With the delivery of Packages 1 and 2 now complete, we are now working on Package 3, an upgrade of 15 wharves. So far TSA Riley has managed the detail design and construction of 3 wharves, delivery of 13 concept designs, development of 7 REF’s, community engagement for 13 wharves, procurement of an independent cost estimator and procurement of a new managing contractor for Package 3 and commercial administration of the ‘managing contractor’ contract. The TSA Riley team of 6 people (comprising of 3 project and development managers, 2 assistant project managers and one project controls) are delivering the program of works while managing the risks, programs and budgets.