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ProjectInnovating digital project delivery and site inspection with SINSW

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Innovating digital project delivery and site inspection with SINSW

As project manager for Pendle Hill High School project for Schools Infrastructure NSW, TSA was looking to improve the efficiency and quality of our site administration and project management.  We implemented a tool to assist with our regular site inspections to monitor progress, quality and WHS. This tool automatically created a full 3D site capture with field notes as our managers were onsite. The process was seamless and effortless, with data automatically captured during our project managers’ site visits. By automatically capturing the site, both senior project directors within TSA and SINSW had direct access to the site without the need to travel every week.

The program produced savings of over 7% on extra site travel, plus additional benefits with QS access for claims, and historical footage for variations or asset management.  The outcome represents a collaborative effort between TSA and SINSW on accelerating project delivery, reducing costs and risk, while also provide a digital asset for use during later phases of the project.