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ProjectLuton Airport Enabling Works

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Luton Borough Council


Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Luton Airport Enabling Works

TSA Riley collaborated with Luton Borough Council to undertake a comprehensive series of enabling works contracts, laying the groundwork for the construction of a new train system linking Luton Parkway rail station with the airport terminal and various car parks.

Our team redirected the main runway perimeter access roads to accommodate the new MPT corridor while ensuring continued access to vital landing lights and RVP access points. Additionally, we managed the relocation of essential airport services, such as the snow fleet, de-icing operations, and fire station facilities, to new sites.

To bolster security measures, TSA Riley facilitated the installation of additional airside security access gates and emergency RVPs, ensuring compliance with safety standards. We also addressed the challenge of parking by reconfiguring the medium-term stay car park to make room for a new orbital bus route and approximately 400 extra parking spaces, compensating for those lost during the MPT construction phase. We also managed the relocation of communications and services within the existing short-term car park, optimising space and functionality.

Through meticulous planning and execution, TSA Riley played a vital role in laying the foundation for the seamless integration of the new train system, enhancing connectivity and convenience for travellers while maintaining the operational integrity of Luton Airport.