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ProjectRegional Victoria Rail Infrastructure Assurance and Systems Integration

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Regional Victoria Rail Infrastructure Assurance and Systems Integration

During the project, TSA worked to identify and understand external stakeholder requirements, including rail operator and technical expert needs. We assisted the project development team to identify a scope solution which balances complex and conflicting requirements within a funding envelope assigned by the state. These requirements were packaged in line with the project delivery strategy, to approach the market and deliver the scope through either an alliance or a design and construct (D&C) contract.

TSA has supported configuration change management, safety in design workshops and analysis and assurance report writing and review, throughout project development and delivery.

The team leveraged knowledge and experience in systems assurance, systems engineering, systems safety, and requirements development, to provide significant value to the client. The outcomes included an improved understanding of assurance activities and management of contractual compliance capabilities.

TSA assisted the Regional Rail Revival (RRR) assurance team grow their internal capability into a team of eight. As a result, they can now adequately handle the number of projects they are responsible for delivering. Consequently, Rail Projects Victoria (RPV) has been able to improve the level of rigour applied during the development of contractual requirements, helping to identify and achieve the needs of the state and ensure the project realises the intended benefits of the investment.