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InsightSustainability in Schools Webinar

Sustainability in Schools Webinar

Sustainability in Schools from TSA Management on Vimeo.

There are lessons to be learnt across a number of industries that apply to sustainability in schools.

This webinar showcases the future of the education sector through sustainability initiatives, digital transformation, connections between spaces and users, and the impact on pedagogy. Public interest in climate action continues to grow with sustainability principles part of the common vernacular.

We explored how the education sector is responding to the world around us from Covid-19 to climate change to healthy learning to create the modern learning environment.

Our experienced panel included

Davina Rooney, CEO at Green Building Council of Australia
Christhina Candido, A/Prof in Environmental & Sustainable Design at the University of Melbourne
Craig Rodgers – National Technical Operations Manager at Mirvac
David Wrench – Director at Hivve Technology