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InsightSustainability in Schools

Sustainability in Schools

The paradigm of sustainability and as such sustainable development is not a new concept, yet when it comes to the development and delivery of learning spaces, the education sector faces hurdles which lead to development at a slower rate when compared to other sectors.

TSA hosted a panel discussion on Sustainability in Education (November 2021) which looked to showcase the future of the education sector through sustainability initiatives, digital transformation, connections between spaces and users, and the impact on pedagogy. Our panel included Davina Rooney CEO of Green Building Council of Australia, Christhina Candido A/Prof iin Environmental & Sustainable Design at the University of Melbourne, David Wrench Executive Director of Hivve Technology, Craig Rodgers National Technical Operations Manager at Mirvac.

This paper builds on our webinar and explores the challenges faced by the education sector in sustainable development, and how the education sector cannot just become leading examples of sustainable development, but how educational spaces and technology can be used to cultivate the next generation of sustainability leaders.

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