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Insight2020 TSA People Awards

2020 TSA People Awards

We believe it’s important to celebrate our people who go the extra mile every day. It is through their efforts that we are able to deliver our vision of being leaders in our industry, undertaking projects of significance and leaving a positive legacy for those who live in the communities we help to create.

Our Group People Value Awards are peer-nominated and awarded to TSA people who live and demonstrate our values:

“Let’s Be Honest” Award: Awarded to the person in each office who shows integrity and fairness in everything they do. They build trust and respect for the work they do. They act with honesty and sincerity in both their approach to work and their professional relationships.

“We’re Connectors” Award: Awarded to the person in each office who knows and shows that relationships matter. They foster collaborative and inclusive environments, sharing and connecting with others to deliver optimal outcomes.

“We Deliver” Award: Awarded to the person in each office who lives the idea of excellence, delivering what’s best for project. They do what they say they’re going to do and commit to achieving outstanding performance and innovative solutions

Congratulations to the following winners:

“Let’s be Honest” Award

Akanksha Singh, Melbourne – “AK is such a wonderful part of the TSA Melbourne Team… She is more than willing to get something done when requested, which shows integrity in her character and she is well respected amongst colleagues. Her work ethic and drive to produce a high standard of work hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Amanda Fisher, Sydney – Amanda “Works extremely hard, is reliable, diligent and fair. A pleasure to work with and always going above and beyond.”

Andy Norris, Wellington – “Andy always displays integrity and fairness where it’s dealing with staff or clients. He’s a straight talker and an excellent role model for the Wellington office. You can really trust Andy’s honesty, sincerity in all he does.”

Hannah Europe-Finner, Brisbane – “Hannah is an exceptional leader when it comes to demonstrating integrity and fairness in everything that she does. She is kind, generous and dedicated; which has led to her building trusting and respectful relationships with the clients that she works with.”

Jillian Rheinberger, Canberra – Jillian “shows integrity and fairness in everything they do. Build trust and respect for the work they do. Act with honesty, sincerity in both their approach to work and their professional relationships.”

Mathew Romanous, Sydney – “Mathew has gained the trust of the TSA team, the contractor and the clients… He always finds the right mix of providing professional advice / opinion with honesty and professionalism.”

Nicola Carcary, Newcastle – Nicola “presents herself very well and is always cool, calm, collected and totally across the brief. In the short time since she’d started with us she was embodying our values and was clearly highly respected by clients and contractors across the board. She acts with integrity and fairness in her day to day work.”

Paulo Naititi, Auckland – “I’m nominating Paulo because he approaches everything he does at TSA with passion, pride and enthusiasm. He endlessly looks for ways to contribute to the business, forming teams around him to achieve great outcomes. He adopts a collaborative and inclusive mindset at all times, delivers and drives results and is a great asset to the business.”

“We Deliver” Award

Chris Armstrong, Wellington – “Chris has consistently delivered an excellent level of project management service in a complex sensitive project environment. He draws from others experience and seeks previous exemplars to arrive at best for project solutions.”

Clare McAuslan, Newcastle – “Clare has shown an outstanding commitment to work.” She is her “project’s knowledge hub, keeping staff on track of the promised deliverables.”

Jessica Duncan, Sydney –  “Jess has embraced the TSA way. She… continuously delivered proposal after proposal for commercial CAPEX projects and supporting the team to keep things BAU while learning her job with new systems as part of the transition to TSA.”

Kieran Costello, Sydney – “Kieran has delivered an outstanding performance this year. His work… has demonstrated vision, innovation and excellence. The outcome of this work will be increased sustainability and access to transport services for all users.”

Lyndell Roberts, Canberra – Lyndell does “what needs to be done for her clients which are in Sydney and Singapore. Lyndell works collaboratively, with integrity and always with the successful outcome in mind.”

Raymond Collins, Melbourne – Ray won the award for his “Excellent attitude towards project delivery and providing honest, genuine feedback to contractors and clients alike.”

Tim Hicks, Brisbane – “Tim is always pushing to deliver what’s best for the project and what is best for the client.” He “is one of the hardest workers in the company. He is one of the first in the office and last to leave on a daily basis…”

Thomas Rutter, Auckland – “Thomas is leading a high performing team to successfully deliver a landmark development for our key client ahead of program and under budget.” Thomas “Deliver’s to a high standard and helps others to do the same.”

“We’re Connectors” Award

Anthony Soklaridis, Newcastle – “Anthony has shown how to successfully collaborate with personnel in other offices to deliver projects whilst demonstrating one team / one firm to the client’s.”

Betsy Williams, Sydney – Betsy “goes the extra mile to connect our people from across the business, foster relationships and encourage others to participate.” She “has been instrumental in identifying, designing, coordinating and running many Best4Life initiatives that have been rolled out in the last 5 months.”

Hamish Gard, Auckland – “A big part of the culture within the office, Hamish carries his ability to collaborate with people into everyday project life.”

Jazper Blizzard, Sydney – “Jazper has a challenging role requiring him to foster strong working relationships…” This “Can’t be done without developing good working relationships.”

Jonathan Stone, Canberra – “Jono is always a connector in our business and works well to ensure everyone feels included in the business culture. He always asks how people are and focusses on supporting our new starters.”

Kimberley Pedrola, Melbourne – Kim “Has collaboration at the heart of her delivery.” and she “has managed to foster a genuine relationship with the entire project team.”

Natalie Bower, Brisbane – “Nat is brilliant at connecting people in the business.” she is “A friendly, approachable colleague, who has helped organise many initiatives and events to collaborate all offices over the last few months.”

Shirley Yee, Wellington – “Shirley is proactive in making new connections and stays in touch with existing connections.” she “Fosters professional & strategic relationships and collaborative and inclusive environments.”

Congratulations also to all our people who received a 2020 TSA Group People Award nomination. With over 175 nominations received, there are many deserving people all across TSA who should be congratulated, and proud of themselves, for living and demonstrating our values.