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Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion

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Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) vision is to create an inclusive culture that recognises and celebrates the characteristics that make each individual unique and create a workplace environment in which all individuals and groups feel welcome, respected, and valued.

We embrace diversity, unity and collaboration and encourage integrity and excellence in everything we do. We are committed to providing a workplace that promotes and celebrates diversity and ensures an inclusive environment so that every individual can bring their whole self to work.

Our DEI strategy prioritises key dimensions including Culture and Religion, Gender, Age, Sexuality, Workplace Accessibility, and Health and Wellbeing.

Our success metrics currently include:

  • Equitable Treatment and Positive Experience: We're aiming to continually enhance individuals' perception of their treatment, ensuring a positive experience across our diversity dimensions.
  • Gender Pay Equity and Opportunity: We're committed to achieving gender-balanced promotions, fostering equal opportunities for development, and addressing any emerging gender pay gap disparities.
  • Gender Diversity: We're dedicated to enhancing gender diversity across all levels and departments within our business, promoting inclusivity and equal representation.

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