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ProjectGatwick Airport Upgrades

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Gatwick Airport Ltd


Gatwick, West Sussex, UK

Gatwick Airport Upgrades

TSA Riley brings invaluable expertise a construction design and management advisor for a range of critical infrastructure projects at Gatwick Airport. With a focus on enhancing functionality and resilience, TSA Riley is helping to ensure ensuring smooth airport operations and improved facilities.

Our involvement spans various projects, each with its unique challenges and objectives. Some projects are situated in bustling customer-facing areas within terminals, while others involve building management projects conducted away from public access.

One such initiative is the Explosive Detection System Upgrade. This programme includes 13 interconnected projects aimed at replacing outdated hold baggage screening machines with advanced models, bolstering airport security and aligning with evolving safety standards.

In addition to security enhancements, TSA Riley is spearheading efforts to enhance the airport’s mechanical and electrical infrastructure. This includes the decentralisation of Gatwick Airport’s central boiler system, which has reached the end of its operational life. This ambitious project seeks to improve resilience and functionality throughout the airport by upgrading plant rooms, gas mains, electrical distribution systems, and HVAC infrastructure.

By ensuring reliable infrastructure and streamlined processes, TSA Riley aims to create a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable environment for passengers and staff alike.