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ProjectTfNSW Power Supply Upgrade

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TfNSW Power Supply Upgrade

The Power Supply Upgrade (PSU) Program was a suite of electrical supply infrastructure upgrade projects throughout the RailCorp electrified network. The Program consisted of over 100 projects which were categorised under two sub-programs, the Traction Supply Upgrade (TSU Program); and signalling and station precinct power upgrade projects.

The traction supply system provides electrical power to operate CityRail services within the Sydney metro area. The system comprises an AC power distribution network with substations to convert the high voltage AC supply to 1500V DC power and an overhead wiring network to deliver DC power to the trains.

TSA provided numerous services under various categories on the Program including; Program Director; Deputy Program Director; Procurement Manager; Project Controls Manager; Contract Manager; Project Manager; Technical Manager and Site Engineer.

TSA was also responsible for the transition of the PSU Program from RailCorp to TfNSW. At the time of the transfer the program was floundering and TSA was engaged to improve the management of the projects while implementing commercial and financial project controls to bring the project back on track.