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InsightTSA Advisory welcomes Steve Allday

TSA Advisory welcomes Steve Allday

TSA Advisory is excited to announce the appointment of Steve Allday as Executive Consultant. Steve is a rail industry veteran who leverages his global experience to help deliver world-class rail projects for Australians.

Steve is a senior rail industry expert who has played key and leading roles in some of Australia’s most complex rail projects. He brings over 40 years’ experience in all facets of rail transport systems, having worked extensively on the London Underground, British Rail, Rio Tinto AutoHaul, ARTC Hunter Valley, Mecca – Medina HSR, Canberra Light Rail and Sydney Metro systems.

Steve comes to TSA after seven years in key, leadership positions on Sydney Metro City & South West. This is most technically challenging of the Metro projects. His roles included Engineering Director, Rail Systems and Rolling Stock. This role was across requirement and specification development, design, procurement, delivery, operationalisation and engineering. He was responsible for ensuring the integration of all Metro packages (including Sydney Metro NW), with a special focus on rollingstock, signalling (communications based train control (CBTC)), centralised control system, comms, radio and Platform Screen Doors (PSDs). Steve was also responsible for the development, design and procurement of specialist systems to facilitate a world-first conversion of an ‘at grade’ traditional operational railway, to a fully driverless Metro.

Prior to Sydney Metro Steve was Executive Director Procurement and Delivery for Canberra Light Rail. He successfully steered that project toward an early completion, 12 months ahead of schedule. In 2011 he was Program Director for the RAFA project that designed and built the world’s first fully driverless, heavy haul railway for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara.

Steve’s deep experience in the integration of rail signalling and control systems makes him a sought after and respected expert. He brings project shaping advice, founded on deep technical, hands-on expertise. He was heavily involved in the formation of new rail signalling and communications businesses after the privatisation of British Rail in the 90s. Since then he has worked on both the contractor and client side of train signalling and control, and infrastructure projects from the United Kingdom to Australia. He is an acknowledged leader in CBTC, communications, central control systems; and the integration and operationalisation of these technologies.

We’re really pleased that Steve is joining the TSA Advisory team. We know his decades of experience will offer tremendous value to our clients across Australia and New Zealand, and their city-shaping rail projects.

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